Events and Rallies

The United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, on February 18, 2017 held a event in North Texas. This event was a great turn out, we are very proud of not only the U.W.K. Realm of Texas, but also the U.W.K. Realm of Oklahoma for putting on a great event.

In this new year, the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will be focusing on pushing for new membership from all across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. If you are living in one of the following states that is listed and wanting to join the Klan then contact us today. Only threw unity and brotherhood we can spread our message of Light to our lost brothers and sisters.

We encourage you into the first step into our brotherhood. But understand not everyone is fit to be a Klansman. Only the few and the Righteous can become a member of the United White Knights. READ ON


For over 150 years the Ku Klux Klan have stood against all odds in defending the Rights of White men and women all across the Nation. We encourage you to read the 14 Reasons why you should Join the KKK.  READ ON

Feburary 18, 2017

North Texas Rally Report

The United White Knights would like you to come out to our next event. We encourage you to come out and enjoy the fellowship of other White Christian Patriots from all across the Nation.


Need A Application?

ROBES; All U.W.K. members and officers, are required to start ordering your robes after 60 days of membership. 
If you need a robe order form contact the Imperial Staff and we will get one to you. Robes are $165.00 and plus $15.00 for shipping and handling.

All U.W.K. members are required to pay monthly dues. Dues are $20.00 a month and for couples $30.00 a month. The U.W.K. membership dues is what helps the organization grows and pays for our events, material, and etc. If you are a U.W.K. member and do not know where to pay your dues contact the Imperial Staff or your Grand Dragon for more information.

Why You Should Join?